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A word from the artist.. Larry Sheffer a fine arts photographer

I like to introduce myself, Larry Sheffer, photographer in Key West, Fl. This blog is about my photography and to talk about, share it and to get feedback. I welcome your opinions and suggestions, and will be posting blogs on a regular basis. Currently i am a wedding photographer for, here in key west.

First of all, I will not be critiquing other photographers or artists. What I will be is showing the people that I admire and will attempt to learn from their work.

Furthermore I will be introducing some important people that will be part of my fine art team. Because, having a great support team is going to help me be a better photographer and business person.

As a result, this blog will be very important for me. For learning and possibly to teach others about photography and art.

Larry Sheffer


A brides most precious moment. photographer Larry Sheffer
A bride from a Key West wedding services ceremony. Photographer Larry Sheffer


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