People Fine Art photography

cemetery sunset shot, fine art photography
Chloe at the cemetery for a evening shoot. This was shot early sunset at the historic Key West cemetery. mixture of natural light and flash fill. This is one of my favorite fine art images.

People Fine Art photography

It is a very wide and subjective term. People fine art photography, everyone knows when they see fine art but just ask them to define it?  Well, that is a fun afternoon..  But honestly what is one man’s pride and joy is not another person’s cup of tea.

I personal do better with people subjects than the intimate or landscape images. So, that is where i will focus my energies on. I have future projects focusing on retro pin up and also rockabilly pin up and some alternate styles.

This image was shot with a Nikon D90 and 18-200 lens. There was flash with shoot thru umbrella to fill in with natural sunlight.  The shoot was with three ladies in corsets and skirts. We had a great time.  But, no matter where you are living there are plenty of place you can shoot.  I have to really suggest that more than one model at a shoot does make a lot of sense and productivity. When one is changing or fixing makeup there is another to be shooting with.

The most important part of a shoot is proper planning and preparation of your gear, your location, time and the models for outfits, and agreement of what is the theme or emotion of the shoot.

The most important thing, I have to advise a photographer beginner or professional is passion.  Always find true passion in what you are creating.

here is a link to this full shoot.

cemetery group shot model of a people fine art photography
A second model for the cemetery shoot. i apologize i don’t recall her name. This is the third of my people fine art photography shoot.
Daisy at the cemetery shoot for a people fine art photography.
Daisy was the third model at the cemetery group shoot of a people fine art photography.